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August 12 - The Problem With Atonement - Rev. Tony Larsen

Many forms of Christianity today rely on an atonement theory that espouses the idea: "Christ died for our sins." Usually it takes the form of God the Father sacrificing his son to save humanity. Is there a better way to understand Jesus' life and death? Tony's sermon will argue that there is, and that it is present in our own Unitarian and Universalist history.

August 19 -Learning At Humanity's Knee - Rev. Annie Holmes

Please join us as we welcome former United UUC minister, Rev . Annie Homes, as she speaks about how she learned the difference between humiliation and humility.

August 26 - The 3-Step Formula in Religion - Rev. Tony Larsen

Two weeks ago Tony spoke about the theological problems with the traditional atonement theory in Christianity. (This is the idea that God needed a human sacrifice before S/He could take back a sinful humanity.) Today's sermon will look at the psycho-spiritual consequences of this theology-and why it became a 3-step success formula for conversion.