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December 16 - Out of the Ordinary - Rev. David Kraemer

We are invited each day to find the extraordinary within the ordinary, holiness everywhere, and love all around. With Kaye Wickenberg and Alex Chilsen.

December 23 - Convergence - Rev. David Kraemer

Many threads weave themselves in to our Christmas story. Each affirms the mystery of the moment. With Meg Whaley and Alex Chilsen. The choir will sing.

December 24 - Lessons and Carols - Rev. David Kraemer

Singing and story telling, the old tales and new ones, with music. With Meg Whaley and Alex Chilsen, with special music.

December 30 - Coffee House service - Meg Whaley

We invite anyone to share a song, a dance, a poem or any other meaning art form with the congregation. Remember, if it speaks to you, it may speak to others as well.