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July 7 - Mary Beth Danielson

What is Beauty? How does the presence of beauty affect us on our life’s journey?

Prepare for an interesting morning. The United We Write Writers - Jennifer Beiriger, Mary Beth Danielson, Franc Garcia, Jen Hinton, and Sam Silver - have prepared a service that includes poetry, a dog, dialogue, photographs, and stories that - we hope - wake you up and make you think.

July 14 - Rev. Tony Larsen

Do Be Do Be Do.

Is it more important to BE a certain kind of person? (And then the right doing will follow?) Or is it more important to DO the right thing? (And then the right being will follow?) It's based on the saying: "To do is to be." -Socrates

"To be is to do." -Plato

"Do be do be do." -Sinatra

July 21 - Deborah Martin

Moving Forward, Together

Deborah will talk about the impact of Judaism in the past, present and future, and how we can, as a community, move forward in Social Action, together.

July 28 - Rev. Annie Holmes

The four personalities for a healthy world

I was given a great gift many years ago from a Native American teacher. She explained what all families- all groups-all tribes need four types of personalities: a teacher, a visionary, a warrior and a healer. I’ll attempt to explain how I have discovered a possible use each of these personalities could be in your life as you discover where you fit in this paradigm.