Meet Paula

1. How long have you been at United and what drew you to United?
I have been at United for 20 years.  We first began looking for a church when our children were young, 6 and 3.  My husband is Jewish and I was raised Catholic so we were searching for something that would work for both of us.  We wanted our children to grow up in a church with that type of community.  We were also looking for a liberal safe haven.

2. What other faith traditions have you encountered in your life?
I was raised by a devout Catholic mother and a father who was also Catholic but did not really practice his religion.  I worked as an oncology social worker at a hospital in Chicago and was the team leader of a hospice program.  The hospital had a large Jewish population and I worked closely with the rabbi who was the hospital chaplain.  I then also married into a Jewish family so I have had experience with that religion also.

3. What activities/committees have you been involved with at United?
I have been on the Board 3 times and have served as the Board facilitator twice.  I have been on the auction committee since the inception of the auction, 14 years ago.  I have taught religious education and been the chair of the religious education committee.  I have served on the nominating committee, the committee on ministry and have been very involved in finding several interim and consulting ministers.

4. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
The obvious answer to my greatest accomplishment is raising my children to be independent, productive and happy adults.  I am also very proud of the fact that I have worked as a social worker and a lactation consultant for many years and I feel that I have had the privilege of helping people during significant times of their lives.

5. What is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is reality T.V., from wedding dresses to shark week!

6. What is your dream vacation spot?
My dream vacation spot is almost anywhere!  I love and live to travel!  My favorites are: anywhere in France and the Valentin Resort in the Riviera Maya.