Meet Evan and Chad

Evan and Chad_edited.jpg

1. How long have you been at United and what drew you to United?
We were drawn to United because we moved back to Wisconsin and we had the desire to find a spiritual community.  We have been at United since January of 2014 although we became members in March of that year.  We instantly felt at home here at United.  The people, the music and of course the coffee kept us coming back. 

2. What other faith traditions have you encountered in your life?
Evan: I was confirmed with the Methodist Church.  I have privately studied Buddhism and more recently Taoism.  I love that my community at church embraces me fully along with my interests in other faith traditions.

Chad: I grew up in the Catholic Church and in my early adulthood I explored other Christian denominations.  Later my spiritual affinity shifted to the philosophy of Taoism.  Tai Chi and Chi Kung are activities I continue to practice. 

3. What do you enjoy in your leisure time?
Evan: Reading, tutoring, gardening, watching Star Trek (any and all) and painting

Chad: Playing with our dogs, watching LOST, visiting family, time at my parent's cabin and traveling.

4. What is one thing about life that has surprised you the most?
Evan: This is sort of a funny question, right? If I have to respond, I'd say birth would be the one thing that surprised me the most.

Chad: I had a near death experience last year when my heart stopped for 17 seconds.  There was no white light.

5. What is your favorite word?
Evan: Heart

Chad: Tree

6. Describe each other in three words:
Evan: Devoted, inquisitive and compassionate

Chad: Loveable, determined and explorer