Meet Herb and Dona


1. How long have you been at United and what drew you to United?

We have been at United since the congregation moved to Waukesha in 2012. We were pleased to have a UU congregation so close to home, but the reasons we chose United are the warm welcome we received and the uplifting messages we heard. We were the first folks to sign the book in the Washington Avenue location!

2. What other faith traditions have you encountered in your life?

Dona: I have been Presbyterian (elder), Congregation and Lutheran. I enjoyed playing in handbell groups and singing in the choir.

Herb: Roman Catholic (alter boy, ad al tare dei award), Lutheran (ULCA) Council member and lay leader and Presbyterian (elder)

3. If a movie was made about your life, what actor would play you?

Dona: In a movie about my life, I would be the ordinary neighbor lady who tires to enjoy each day with family, friends and hobbies. Jean Stapleton would be my choice (but not her Edith Bunker persona)

Herb: Jack Klugman in the "Odd Couple"

4. What are you passionate about?

Dona: I am passionate about the individualism endorsed by Unitarian Universalism.

Herb: I am passionate about my family. Each person is respected and encouraged to be a positive role model every day.

5. What is your favorite word?

Dona: My favorite word is honesty. One needs to be honest with oneself first and hope that a little rubs off on others.

Herb: 'WHAT' and/or 'WHY'

6. What is one thing about life that has surprised you most?

Dona: The surprise in my life is that I have been retired for more years than I taught public school.

Herb:That is has lasted so long but still, there is so much to do.

7. What have you been some of your greatest challenges?

Dona: Striving to keep a healthy balance in my daily life is challenging.

Herb: Completing requirements for a PhD from Syracuse University, writing my dissertation ("Central Place Theory: Non-randomness of Early Settlement Patterns - Upstate New York), and leading three different 4-week student study tours to the USSR during Brezhnev's reign.